5 augustus 2017

My Brand New WebShop at Etsy

My most popular paintings you will find on my brand new webshop. They are for sale. Where ever you are on this big world... you can buy them easily and (more than) reliable at ETSY.com:



14 juli 2017

Our Cat

Live sketches on paper with graphite pencil B6.

For sale... StellaPintora on Etsy:  www.stellapintora.etsy.com



30 april 2017

Exhibition in the Adega

On going exhibition in the Lagoa Adega (winery) Algarve - Portugal. A stunning location, with the normally days work of the Adega in the background. The location is open until the end of 2017 from 10.00 till 18.00, Monday´s until Saturday's.

An overview, May 2017:

At the opening in February:



11 maart 2017

Alentejo and Algarve.

Small figurative paintings in acrylic on canvas with local topics...


Almond Orchard in February, so typical for the Algarve. (40x30 cm.)

Tangerine Grove with the red soil of the Algarve. (40x30 cm.)

'Churra' the Algarvian sheep that roams the land and is everywhere and nowhere. (40x30 cm.)

'February Feast', when the grass and the flowers grow. (50x40 cm.)

The rocky brittle stones along almost every road of the Barrocal - Algarve. (40x30 cm.)

Our neighbors horse in the early morning light. (40x18 cm.)

It was a hot day today, in the Alentejo... (40x30 cm.)

Storks courting in February in the Alentejo. (40x40 cm.)

'Sosinho'... Alone in the field and the heat of the Alentejo. (50x40 cm.)

'Sossego' Peace... low tide on the Alentejo coast. (50x40 cm.)

For Sale at Etsy... StellaPintora